What’s The Play State of the Union

The State of the Union Begins

In days of yore, when animals wallowed in the forest and fairy dust was so plentiful, you could buy it by the pound. When things like honor and truth had value. Before who ever could fabricate the best shallow life with tales of happiness, hippy quotes and pictures of their children. Besides giving us all a bucket and hold our hair back, so we can vomit all of our personal lives without making too much a mess, social media is changing the masses to be less social and to treat each other like garbage. This is what happens when we have the least social person in the history of the planet create a social media platform. Its his payback to the world for making fun of him his entire childhood. The masses gave him this power and continue to even as things get worse because of it. Well we should all try to utilize this platform to benefit each other. Instead of fight one another. Yes, not everyone will agree and some of us should disagree. Just because someone doesnt agree, doesnt mean they are wrong or stupid. Regarding social media. Its just a different opinion. Not a personal attack. Thats what i see as the problem and its incredibly frustrating. With the media popularizing us against them protests to try and sway the popular opinion to one that is not offensive. Being offended is not a problem. The fact that most people do not know how to deal with being offended is a problem. Its bullshit and i agree with u completely carrie. I think a shift in the way people interact and help one another needs to occur. I believe slowly but surely things around us have begun to get worse and its a collective effort. By all of us whether we like it or not. Due to this bullshit about never offending anyone, we are becoming more and more fearful to speak out against anything that we believe is wrong. Afraid to step in when someone is being abused. Thinking somebody else will handle it. I dont need to do anything about this. No. Nobody else will handle it, most likely even notice what you see. You need to be the one to stop abusive behavior. We need to start holding ourselves and others we spend time with to a higher standard. By not having higher standards just means more and more will be accepted and sooner or later the world may adopt a belief that is completely untrue, never pushing anyone to grow or go outside their comfort zone. The world st that point will become very small and limited to each and every individual. Everyone will just be expected to do that status quo and thats it. Followers fine with being told how to spend their time, what they should be doing, when they can eat, how they need to act, etc. If we were to begin to hold the people that we know, love, and care about to a higher standard instead of accepting excuses designed to justify their own self defeating prophecies; we are going to need to make some changes to what we value in our lives and relationships. here are some changes that I think we need to start making in order to succeed in saving ourselves from a terrible future.

1. Tell each other the truth. Even when its hard and really scary.

2. We need to be willing to be open to the fact that with everything we do or say, there is always a chance that we could be wrong or capable of making a mistake. Being human, there is always a possibility for a mistake to be made. And to get all offended and brat like if called out, is just silly and childish.

3. Accept responsibility for your actions. Own your actions whether you are proud of then or not. Start to become aware of what kinds of decisions you make and how those decisions effect the people around you. Being honest with yourself will help you learn how to handle mistakes you make and how to get along with other personalities.

4. apologize if you realize you were wrong or make a mistake. You will start to have respect for others and yourself. An interesting thing may happen to you as it has to me. Some people will respect you for your ability to humble yourself and be honest. If anyone knows i know how to make a mistake and really screw things up, its my friends and family. Social media is really what we make it. What is shown to you on your feed is there because of your interactions on social media. They are spying in you and preying on you using your interests, likes, dislikes, fears, dreams etc. they are also selling your information to marketing companies to telemarketing firms to but the shit out if you and destroy any piece of mind you might be enjoying because that company that is disturbing your right to privacy, doesnt care that you just got home from work and are trying eat with your family. They are out to make a buck or two. And if will never be enough, above all other addictions, thats one that is truly destroying lives is our addiction to money, bringing with it vanity, gluttony, selfishness and a sense of betterment for no reason whatsoever, besides that they bring home a shit ton of bacon once or twice a month. That doesnt make them better than anybody. The people that are out there doing things for free with nothing to show for it are the ones who deserve applause. Remember mother teresa? Well there most likely will never be another one the way things are heading. Lets pull our heads out of our asses and make things better for the future people. Lets make the world a place we do want to bring offspring into. At this point in time, i have no interest in reproducing if my kid has to be born into this society. Id rather spare them the pain and bullshit than subject them to our bullshit.

John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third

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