That’s right. The WhatsThePlay Trivia Show has officially aired it’s first episode ever and it’s the FIRST INTERACTIVE Live Stream on Twitch. It really is the first of its kind to be aired anywhere since the dawn of time. Whoa

Let that sink in.

I know that everything that’s ever gonna be said has been said, every song, every whatever. This is the first time that a trivia show or any game show takes the daily happenings of their users and has created content designed to challenge and entertain their audience/contestants. They ask Multiple Choice Questions like “A Person Slams on their horn Behind you, WhatsThePlay?” The viewer/contestant then has 45 seconds to answer A, B or C by typing into the stream chat box and presses enter to solidify their choice. You cannot change your mind after you make your choice. Though I hear in the future they may add the ability to retract your choice once per game for subs…. pretty cool.

The Trivia Show airs live every Monday thru Thursday like your local Taco Truck would, definately sometime on Tuesday or Thursday, but we don’t know exactly when. This will change in the future to a set time as they find out from their fan-base what time is best for most of them. There are many interesting features and differences from other trivia games and some of the other live game shows out there already.

  • Airs Live on, youtube, facebook, mixer, etc. every monday to thursday as opposed to an app.
  • Their website allows their visitors to record voice messages to give feedback, submit custom Trivia Show Questions and Answers.
  • Sub Rewards for their subscribers.
    • An Example Straight from their Twitch channel: “Choose 1 Free T-Shirt from Our Merch Store”
  • Game is Completely free to play

New Episodes Air Every Monday thru Thursday! Regardless of what they or anyone else may say. They plan to implement a revolving host production style. There is also a Pre-Show to allow players to connect and chat with the “Pre-Host” The first episode Features Stephen “With a ‘P-H’ as “Pre-Host” to inform the viewers and train them to become players on the trivia show. Just like the Trivia Show will train them to become better at the worlds most difficult and ever-changing game called life. Twitch already has a massive Audience of over 30,000,000 users daily. It’s Audience are mostly gamers boys and girls, men and women, probably some aliens and all of the above. They are used to spending money and if they find someone they like, has a great personality and engages with the stream chat for their channel, as well as play their favorite games, then Twitchers will most likely support the streamer who fits into their criteria for acceptable spending. A very different business model than most of the apps released in the apple and google play store. Not to mention that the trivia show live streams on a few other platforms as well… Simultaneously! At the moment though, the game is not playable on any other platform than twitch. I have been informed that in the very near future, the show will be playable on youtube and facebook which is very exciting and also a first any live streamed interactive trivia show. Join the SUPER SECRET FAN CLUB IMMEDIATELY to know when this super-awesome tech is implemented and released for your viewing/interacting pleasuretainment.

That’s Right! You can leave a voice message for the WhatsThePlayGames team right from their website! How it works is when you go to their website, look at the bottom right hand corner and you will see a message button and click on that. It will ask you which mic source to use and which speaker source to use. After those are selected, The user is prompted to record their message. I believe they can be of any length and when you are done, you click finish. It will then ask you to enter your real name and email or else it will not send your message to its intended recipients. The team will receive your message via email and can choose to download or listen. If you choose to send a message to be a shout out, then the team can download it and use it during the trivia shows live streams. Shout outs are saved and possibly used during the season when they sent the message to the WTPG Team. Custom content is treated the same way, they may have your voice message asking the question in game live instead of just writing it out.. Who knows? when they do they will surely let all of us know via their SUPER SECRET FAN CLUB! Members of the WTPG: SSFC will receive in store discounts on WTPG Gear, Gain access to tons of SSFC Members Only content, gear, give-aways. Becoming a subscriber automatically enters them into the SSFC and will give them access to TBD Exclusive Subscriber only benefits and MORE! Dont Miss out and sign up ASAP so you will always be informed, ahead of the curve and on your way to becoming a Professional Game of Life Specialist! Sign up at the top of the page to Ensure your success.

Right again! damn you’re getting good at this! Subscribers even get custom bonuses from the Whats The Play Games Team from the get-go! not only do subscribers unlock the Default Twitch benefits, but they will obtain the following benefits/prizes in a Tier based subscription model as seen on the WhatsThePlayGames Twitch channel:

Tier 1

$5 Subscription

  • Record a voice message on our website to suggest new Questions for our Up coming Quiz Show “WhatsThePlay?”
  • One Tier 1 Custom Emote from our Channel! Featuring John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third
  • Enjoy Anything Played on our Channel Ad Free!

Tier 2

$15 Subscription

  • Tier 1 Package included
  • Choose 1 Free T-Shirt from Our Merch Store
  • Access to our second Custom Emote Featuring Stephen with a “P-H” Moraga!

Tier 3

$25 Subscription

  • Tier 1 Package included
  • Tier 2 Package included
  • Get a chance to be one of the five subscribers randomly chosen to be featured on one of our exclusive game shows (in the very near future) that have not premiered yet!
  • Gain Access to our 3rd and last Custom Emote Featuring Ant Jackson!

The last Thing to be said about The Whatstheplay Trivia Show, is that it is completely free to play, interact with and the creators will actually respond to you, not a bot or an intern. For the time being of course. There are plenty of ways you can help support The WTPG Team either by each of the following ways:

Thanks again you guys and I’ll see you on the otherside!

-JMT3 (John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third)