00:51 that’s right that’s right we went live

00:55 on Tuesday night where were you did you

00:58 miss us

00:58 I know you did and I know it’s late

01:00 again but do you remember a show called

01:03 Saturday Night Live

01:04 that’s right Saturday Night Live went

01:06 ladies and what did they do they only

01:09 got the biggest ratings on the planet

01:11 and we may come to you at 7 o’clock in

01:13 the morning on Tuesday we may come to

01:15 you at midnight on the next day but we

01:17 will definitely be here around Tuesday

01:20 no but I’m just kidding

01:21 we want to be here for you and let me

01:24 just tell you right now it’s a simulcast

01:26 live on Twitch which is definitely our

01:30 home and if you go to twitch.tv slash

01:32 what’s the play games you will know that

01:34 my name is Stephen Stephen with a pH

01:37 Steve moraga and I want you to know that

01:40 I’m here to welcome you back and if you

01:43 understand that we’re gonna go simulcast

01:45 live we’re not just going to twitch

01:47 which is our home we’re going to live

01:50 you youtubers out there who

01:52 unfortunately at this time you won’t be

01:53 able to play the game but you’ll be able

01:54 to see my beautiful face and you also be

01:57 able to play you won’t actually you

01:58 won’t be able to play on Facebook live

02:00 but you’ll be able to see my beautiful

02:02 face in the meantime so in that saying

02:04 that you got to go over to twitch in the

02:06 meantime because the technology is

02:07 almost there and you know what it’s

02:09 almost like work where I don’t know

02:14 psychics soothsayers whatever you want

02:16 to call it will bring you technology

02:18 that nobody else is doing if you can if

02:20 you can tell me that somebody that you

02:22 know is going live Simon okay

02:24 simultaneously oh that’s a tough word to

02:28 say simultaneously off all the platforms

02:30 whether it be twitch YouTube Facebook

02:33 live periscope doesn’t matter that’s us

02:36 and we’re going to take full credit for

02:38 that because you know why

02:40 I I don’t want to say if you believe in

02:42 God I I do I believe in a higher power

02:46 I believe in somebody somebody setting

02:50 the rules here somebody that touched us

02:52 touched us we are blessed by someone and

02:54 that someone has blessed us to bring you

02:57 to play in life and you know what the

02:59 play is02:59that’s right welcome to what’s the play

03:01 and if you go to what’s to play dot net

03:03 you will find out the D special the

03:07 special attractions you if you leave us

03:09 a voicemail and say you know what

03:11 Stephen with the pH I don’t like what

03:13 you’re saying I do not like what you’re

03:15 saying mr. Stephen with a pH so I’m

03:17 gonna leave a voicemail or and I know

03:19 voicemail was last time you left the

03:21 voicemail right you just text right but

03:22 go to our website and there’s a little

03:24 there’s a little button that possibly

03:26 and you leave a little voicemail and we

03:30 were able to interact with you that way’

03:32 even if it’s a bit and you can say hey

03:34 this is not this is a problem that like

03:36 I don’t want anybody else to know

03:38 we’ll help you but it’s also like it’s

03:40 an interactive community thing here

03:42 because we’re gonna about to unleash the

03:45 trivia the trivia what’s the play trivia

03:47 that’s right and the polls are in and

03:49 I’m I thought there’d be more honestly I

03:54 believed in you guys I really did I

03:56 believed in you

03:58 you unfortunately the polls we came out

04:03 and I know we can on a late night as

04:05 we’re doing tonight and it’s almost a

04:06 test it’s almost a test because we want

04:09 to make sure we want to make sure

04:10 everything is right and if you

04:12 understand going back to my first

04:13 thought is that to stream live on Twitch

04:17 on YouTube and on Facebook live

04:23 [Music]

04:24 that we want to make sure that you are

04:28 sorry the producers are tell me that

04:30 that and you what that’s what life is

04:31 all about you’re not gonna get that from

04:33 no produced thing I mean the thing might

04:37 fall down on me who knows and I think

04:39t hat’s the beauty of what light is light

04:42 is live live it’s live live at 1:00

04:48 live at 1:30 live at 5:00 doesn’t matter

04:51 what we’re about to do to you is we’re

04:53 streaming on all three of these

04:54 platforms and you don’t know how to do

04:59 it and we do and that’s why it’s so hard

05:01 and and I understand that it you don’t

05:03 know that and so what we’re trying to do

05:06 is we’re trying to give you the

05:07 opportunity to come to with us because I

05:10 you know I’m only here to tell you about

05:12 the beauty of what’s the play what’s the

05:15 play games is this what’s the play games

05:17 has brought to you the most interactive

05:19 the most interactive on the planet there

05:22 is no trivia game right now you can go

05:25 here I don’t know you want to say their

05:27 names there’s trivia games out there the

05:28 Triva games out here and they’re talking

05:30 about win of Christopher Columbus and he

05:32 did something or something he might have

05:33 found this one better I don’t know who

05:35 cares hey or maybe faked with donor or

05:37 somebody or other did something or maybe

05:40 the 1980s05:41I don’t know Bill Gates did something

05:43you made something called the Internet

05:44 or some who knows but it doesn’t matter

05:46 because they’re all doing things and

05:48 those those trivia games are all dealing

05:49 with things that have nothing to do with

05:51 your life right now and your life right

05:53 now is what I don’t know if my boyfriend

05:55 likes me I don’t know if my girlfriend

05:57 likes me

05:58 I don’t know if my friends like me or I

06:00 dunno I’m like I love my friends I love

06:02 how can I bring more action how can I be

06:05 more action-packed

06:06 action to these particular friends how

06:08 do we do that

06:09 how do we do that how do it looks and

06:11 necessary things that we need to do to

06:13 make everybody feel the community and

06:15 you know what

06:15 Wow well in my world you know I’m

06:18 thinking about all you guys I don’t know

06:20 I know I’m just kidding hi I want you to

06:23 know I’m very I’m very serious very0

6:27 serious sense I want you to know that we

06:29 are here to bring to you the the

06:33 situational advice cezzah but it’s not

06:36 advice because you need to come

06:38 communicate with us down here and you

06:41 need to go to what’s the plate net and

06:43 hit that little voice now if you think

06:45 that we’re not hitting the right buttons

06:47 the view things that we’re not hitting

06:48 the right subjects you just go to what’s

06:49 the plate net and what do you know right

06:51 now but if you’re not gonna go there

06:53 just do us a big favor so that we can

06:55 stream our beautiful we I mean this

06:57 isn’t just from me this isn’t just from

06:59 John Montgomery Thunderfoot the third no

07:01 hole no it isn’t there’s beautiful men

07:03 and women inside and out that are a part

07:07 of our team that bring you the answers

07:10 that we feel to your life’s questions

07:11 that’s right life hacks for your social

07:14 life and I want you to know that just

07:17 when you think that you don’t have any

07:18 of those answers you have us and so you

07:21 get maybe maybe you want to have your

07:22 boyfriend or go bring him over here

07:24 bring it over here boyfriend girlfriend

07:25 and you watch and you watch and see how

07:27 they act they react to some of the

07:30 situations that we have tell you right

07:31 now it might be a little just might be a

07:33 little disheartening but maybe maybe

07:36 it’s gonna bring you guys together maybe

07:37 you get a break maybe your enemy who

07:39 hates you at school

07:41 maybe watches this if you just if you

07:43 put up a little what’s the play sticker

07:44 bit of that enemies gonna see that and

07:47 maybe that enemy is gonna be like I’ve

07:49 been treating this person really stupid

07:50 maybe I should think different because

07:52 it’s not a you have to understand if you

07:56 don’t treat each other on the bottom

07:57 level we are well the bottom that we’re

07:59 not senators governors presidents kings

08:03 or queens we’re just people with a

08:05 camera and we’re just people on a

08:07 platform thank god twitch is here thank

08:10 God YouTube is here thank God Facebook

08:12 live is here because we’re just people

08:14 with a camera and we are here to help

08:16each and every one of you on the ground

08:18 level so that we can be strong and

08:21 that’s the worst thing that is the worst

08:23 thing that our leaders want us to be we

08:26 want to be strong don’t tear apart each

08:28 other we want to just maneuver through

08:30 life you know I just today I was

08:33 thinking about a John Montgomery

08:34 Thunderbirds the Third’s answer and one

08:36 of the questions I forget which one it

08:37 was but I I thought wow Here I am Here I

08:40 am and I watched it of course I watched

08:42 myself but of course the sharpest just

08:45 manner Oh trivia but I just watched

08:49 myself and I’m like man how can how can

08:51 it be how can it be that that Here I am

08:54 I know John Montgomery Thunder is 30 and

08:56 I was blown away just like the little

08:58 bit of polling that we got from it a

09:00 little bit that we got and we need you

09:02 to come back with more but the little

09:04 bit that we got we know John Montgomery

09:05 Thunderbirds a star a star where there’s

09:07 afro and he’s so real he is so real that0

9:12 he wants to bring you the the the play

09:15 in all situations and the play is this

09:17 the most efficient the most efficient

09:20 way to be bringing the best result

09:22 possible right so if it’s if it’s

09:23 dealing with a friend of a dealing with

09:25 a job if it’s dealing with your

09:27 significant other boy girl doesn’t

09:30 matter09:30all these polling questions come from

09:33 you and our team and that’s the only way

09:35 this thing works that’s the only way

09:37 this thing works so I plead with you I

09:40 put that plead I plead I plead I plead

09:44 with you I plead with you to please come

09:48 here and interact with us we don’t know

09:53 we don’t know what you’re we know what

09:56 your feeling is if you come and interact

09:59 because maybe just maybe you’ll take my

10:02 job in fact that’s what we want we want1

0:04 you to take my job we want you to host

10:07 this we want you to be the best we want

10:09 you to give the best

10:10 as possible and then in the Q&A; that’s

10:13 coming up that’s right if you’re first

10:14 joining us what this is what’s the plate

10:17 tribute is the first she want a globally

10:19 around the world right here behind this

10:22 carnival behind me and I love carnies

10:25 I’ll tell you that right now I am one

10:27 myself10:27but I want you to say wow well Stephen

10:30 thank you thank you for bringing10:32something to our attention that we’ve

10:34 needed for so long because I’m gonna

10:36 tell you right now you watch anybody out

10:37 there doesn’t matter if you watch your

10:39 favorite YouTube star

10:40 did you watch your favorite this star

10:41 doesn’t matter and you think that

10:43 they’re really talking to you all

10:44 they’re doing is just dumping the

10:45 problems on you I don’t I get dumped my

10:47 problems are no problems because you

10:49 like because I’m thinking about you

10:50 first and then I think about me and

10:53 that’s what we all need to do and that’s

10:55 what what’s the play is what’s the play

10:57 in any situation whether it be good bad

10:59 different doesn’t matter you come to us

11:01 right now you be the person that you can

11:04 be we will support you we will support

11:06 you you do not need to have anybody else

11:09 we are your wingman

11:10 we are your wingmen in life I guess

11:13 there’s a couple of wing ladies around

11:15 here so but we are on the man so I will

11:19 say I am your wingman now and John

11:21 Montgomery Thunderbirds the third the

11:23 greatest quiz show host that the world’s

11:24 ever seen11:25I would put them up against any quiz

11:27 show host it’s ever been no man put them

11:29 up right now I want you to know straight

11:31 up I’m getting so excited about this and

11:34 I did come dressed for this again and

11:36 maybe that’s what I that’s absolute

11:38 thing I care about I’m dressed the right

11:40 way to bring to you the most

11:42 action-packed who cares kind of advices

11:47 doesn’t matter what’s the play what’s

11:49 the play is everything in your life

11:51 whether we are the life hack to your

11:53 social life however we want you to do

11:56 this right now we want you to right now

11:58 if you’re on twitch because twitch.tv

12:00 slash what’s play games is the ultimate

12:02 what’s the play site and you can help us

12:04 by subscribing that by mash on the

12:06 button buy a shirt that’d be fantastic

12:11 if you did

12:12rock that make sure that everybody

12:15 out there goes I know the bluffs because

12:16 sooner or later

12:18 did you watch so you know there you’ll

12:19 be wearing that shirt never to be like

12:20 goddamn my mother excuse my1

2:22 language

12:23 god dammit me that person knows what

12:26 they’re doing that person knows what

12:27 they’re doing in life I better watch up

12:30 alright they got that little secret they

12:32 got that little secret of life and so we

12:35 wanted to make sure that you of all

12:37 people you in particular whether you be

12:39 a man or woman 17 to 34 only you’re a

12:43 little younger

12:43 you’re a little older okay you guys keep

12:47 coming we wanted we don’t want to

12:49 disenfranchise anybody else but we want

12:52 to make sure that everybody if you guys

12:54 can learn a little bit fine but this is

12:55 only geared to you if you’re 17 to 34

12:57 men or women it doesn’t matter we’re

13:00 here for you ladies and gentlemen once

13:02 again I want you to put your hands

13:04 together get that popcorn ready grab

13:06 your girl grab your enemies

13:08grab your enemies because soon later

13:10 they won’t be your enemies if they know

13:11 about what’s the play so grab them a

13:14 grab them all let’s let’s find out who

13:16 everybody’s doing it’s gonna be happen

13:17 every Tuesday Thursday night now that

13:19 we’ve getting this thing started we want

13:21 we need you we’re done it please please

13:24 please cuz look it we are humble people

13:26 and this thing only works without with

13:30 you and and without you and it means13:32nothing it absolutely means nothing so

13:34 come on everybody help us out help you

13:37 out I promise you I promise you I will I

13:41 will give you a phone call

13:42 okay maybe don’t want that but I will I

13:45 promise you if you just give us a little

13:46 chance if you just tell a little couple

13:49 people hey this thing’s kind of weird

13:50 that’s kind of weird how are they how do

13:52 they know what’s going on my brain

13:53 remember go to what’s the plate net get

13:56 on that voicemail subscribe subscribe

13:59 subscribe subscribe on twitch.tv slash

14:01 sports play games and if you want to do

14:03 some other things I mean there’s a put

14:04 throw things that you can do on there

14:06 and not only that we thank you twitch

14:08 and you know who we think to most of all

14:10 streamers streamers Thank You streamers

14:13 because without you twitch won’t even be

14:15 a platform right that’s what I’m saying

14:17 I mean Thank You streamers14:20you guys are showing the way you guys

14:21 show the way how to do things how to how

14:24 to talk in front of a camera even I mean

14:26 if it wasn’t for ninja and all these

14:27 other streamers I mean what would we

14:29 know what to do right so I thank you and

14:32 instead of the video game that you guys

14:34 are playing now we’re playing the video

14:35game of life and that is that’s exactly

14:38 lower joy and we’re trying to help you

14:40 get to that next level get through that

14:43 next scene get through that x cave it

14:45 doesn’t matter zoom and be the best

14:48 person possible so thank you ladies and

14:50 gentlemen everybody else just know that

14:53 we are here for you what’s the play

14:55 dot net and subscribe to that match

14:57 button special on the subscribe button

14:59 masher the subscribe button and ladies

15:01 it’s live and ladies and gentlemen

15:03 welcome to what’s the play




15:59welcome good evening welcome to my home

16:04 what’s the play trivia show and I am

16:08 John Montgomery Thunderbird the third

16:10 and what’s important to me is the play

16:14 is the most important thing in my life

16:16 and it should be in yours too

16:19 what’s the play trivia show is the first

16:22 of its kind ever to exist ever don’t you

16:27 ever try to tell me different because I

16:30 know I know it’s true try to find

16:35 another trivia show that will show you

16:39 how to live your life in a better way

16:44 I’m besides giving you money I mean they

16:46 probably didn’t teach you how to spend

16:48 that money or how to save it how do you

16:49 invest it they probably just blew all

16:51 that money they want on all those game

16:53 shows think any smarter probably got a

16:57 little bit stupider and that’s not what

17:00 you do here here at was to play my house

17:03 this wonderful place this purple awesome

17:06 house of mine this little box it’s where

17:10 I stay all day and I think of the place

17:12 for you that’s what I do I spin the

17:18 mouse wheel of my brain it was designed

17:22 to find the play for you so that’s what

17:27 I do in my box it’s the best place in

17:32 the world best place I’ve ever found

17:36 how do you play you ask instead of being

17:42 incredibly complicated like finding out

17:45 the play for you it’s very simple you

17:48 type a B or C in a stream chat before

17:54 the time runs out you can do that right

17:57I know you can all you have to do is

18:05 think together and will come out winning

18:11 let’s start the game again to reiterate

18:18type in that stream chat a B or C press

18:23 ENTER question number one what do I do

18:31 if someone spills a drink on me in a bar

18:34 brush it off like it was an accident

18:38 it’s a little easy to do what if I’m

18:42 angry what if I’m sad what if I have to

18:46 change my shirt a little later you could

18:50 actually accidentally spill on them very

18:56 sneaky I like it

18:59 make a scene confront him throw some

19:02 chairs get a stool jump off of it land

19:06 on them with this Russian suplex time

19:13 pull their hair back give them a little

19:17 chokehold prove that you’re a man and

19:22 you came here to play and the play is

19:25 you come by later in accident we spill

19:27 on them what were you thinking of course

19:32 you were thinking that question number

19:34 two how do I break it off with my

19:38 girlfriend of six months that’s gonna be

19:42 a bit tough probably got a little bit

19:44 used to her didn’t you1

9:47 well you could just leave your phone

19:49 unlocked so she can see the savagery of

19:52 your life and it’s amazing glory from

19:57 the horse’s mouth your phone videos

20:01 pictures all the great things that

20:05 you’ve had you could just tell her you

20:08 cheated on her without all the details

20:10 if you like her or you could be direct

20:14 and say that it’s not working out

20:18 honesty has always been the best policy

20:20 unless you chop down a tree in front of

20:22 your house done I guess you know one

20:30 else I know likes cherries enough to

20:33 chop down a tree in front of their house

20:38 Deanie leave your phone unlocked for the

20:41 savagery be direct honesty is the best

20:44 policy question number three how do you

20:51 avoid getting called into work first of

20:53 all why are you such a good employee to

20:56 get called into work learn to do the

21:00 bare minimum and keep your job maybe get

21:04 a raise every now and then but never get

21:07 called in or you could just tell them

21:10 you’re out of town you could always come

21:12 back into town but say you’re sick and

21:16 out of town and tell me you’ve already

21:20 been drinking to tell them all three no

21:24 you have to choose one because that’s

21:27 how this game works you’re not me I get

21:30 to do whatever I want but you have to

21:32 choose one the best one out of those

21:38 three tell me you’ve already been

21:41 drinking

21:45 tell him you’ve already been drinking

21:48 tell him you’ve already been drinking

21:51 there we go game respond to me and

21:53 listen you listen to me top players

21:59 where all my friends where are my people

22:03 I guess I’m the top player haha I win

22:11 you all lose we haven’t even finished

22:14 yet and I’m the winner

22:17 losers question number four your

22:25 girlfriend says you play video games too

22:27 much well my life is one get out of here

22:31 don’t tell me how to live my life kick

22:36 her to the curb no person should ever

22:40 come out anyone like that for playing

22:43 video games you could always tell her

22:46 stop her whining it’d be a lot of fun

22:49 argument you know invite her to join if

22:56 you want a nerd for your girlfriend I

22:59 don’t know if I’d want that she might

23:02 start reading and stuff and not want to

23:05 look at me all the time

23:09 well what do you guys think kick her to

23:14 the curb stop your whining invited to

23:15 join the last one kind of sounds a

23:22 little dirty stop your whining don’t you

23:27 ever tell me how to live my life if you

23:30 ever woman if you question number five

23:36 which Mega Man game had an impostor of

23:39 dr. wily do you remember were you there

23:45 did you ever do it did you fight your

23:50 way through

23:51 eight robot bosses is it eight I believe

23:58 it is make it through Wiley’s four other

24:02 levels in Mega Man 3 Mega Man 6 or Mega

24:04 Man X if you know anything you’ll know

24:11 that dr. wily it was only in two of

24:14 those games which to what do you guys

24:23 think done your time is up you don’t get

24:31 another chance to answer now it’s too

24:34 late24:35the plays Mega Man 3

24:39 didn’t you know that this one he was a

24:43 robot in his head springs up and down

24:45 when I was awesome question number 6

24:49 your boyfriend’s plan is to hang out

24:53 with his friends if I had a boyfriend do

24:58 you would never do that but I don’t like

25:00 men I like bacon sausages for the other

25:07 guys you could just tell him his friends

25:11 are garbage

25:12 or you could allow him to go but be mad

25:15 the whole time maybe write about it in

25:16 your diary because no one wants to hear

25:18 about it or you could earn his attention

25:22 see just because you got me just me and

25:24 you hacked doesn’t mean the works over

25:28 that’s right you can’t just keep her by

25:33 doing nothing time’s up amigos the

25:45 answer is earn his attention just kiss

25:51 you happy doesn’t mean the works over

25:53 that is the best answer isn’t it

25:57 the top player again is me I’m just that

26:03 amazing thank you thank you yes I love

26:15 you too

26:17 yeah it’s great being amazing question

26:22 number seven when a cop pulls you over

26:26 what’s the play do you see her yes sirs

26:30 no sirs be cooperative sounds a little

26:33lame boring let’s try to berate him

26:36 question his authority I show him who’s

26:40 boss of your car

26:41 it’s your travelling room not his

26:46 innocent or guilty run like hell I

26:52 always like to run especially with

26:55 reason with cops chasing me that’s a

26:58 great reason to run that’s how I work

27:01 out every morning

27:10 you could just make it easy on yourself

27:11 though I knew wants to run or have to

27:16 come up with insults and have a lot of

27:21 fun while you’re driving your car and

27:23 getting pulled over now

27:25 you say yes there’s a no sirs be

27:27 cooperative don’t be an idiot don’t be a

27:30 fool don’t be one of skeletor’s minions

27:35 that mess up question number eight if

27:41 you spent time to play online oh if you

27:47 bought pills either obtained online or

27:51 from someone you don’t know what is the

27:53 play what do you do if you spent the

27:57 time to buy it online know what you are

28:00 taking for Christ’s sake get a pill test

28:05 you have to get a pill test kit don’t

28:08 you know that know what you’re taking if

28:11 you’re gonna buy it online crazy person

28:13 who cares it’s my time and I’m gonna

28:16 have a good one who are you to tell me

28:19 what to do don’t take pills you already

28:22 know how to have fun time you’re just

28:27 that cool aren’t you you don’t need to

28:30 take pills just like John Montgomery

28:34 Thunderbird the third never taking a

28:38 pill in my life the answer is if you

28:42 spent time online to purchase it get the

28:47 kit just don’t do it

28:50 either next question when I start to

28:56 compare myself with my circle of friends

28:58 what’s the play believe the inferior

29:03 thoughts of my mind and believe they are

29:04 true

29:05 I will act accordingly and be very sad

29:10 it’s easy to be negative do what it

29:12 takes to be positive your brain can’t

29:14 tell the difference but it can help you

29:17 to decide what to do next

29:22 figure out who is best and emulate why

29:26 think for yourself be someone else

29:29 answer their questions for them what do

29:33 you need to worry about yourself for

29:34 time you’re done don’t think about it

29:41 anymore you can’t change your mind I’ve

29:45 already gotten your answers it’s easy to

29:50 be negative takes where it’s three

29:52 positive29:53your brain can’t tell the difference so

29:56 you have to tell it what to do top

29:59 player again oh it’s the who cares3

0:02 podcast hello I know you I know you I’ve

30:05 seen you there before what are you doing

30:09 today I guess I’m not the top player

30:12 anymore but at least you’re here

30:18 everybody else waiting to join probably

30:22 just can’t find us but it’s me the best

30:26 person in the world I know it’s true we

30:33 don’t have to have a test to figure that

30:35 out don’t have to have a test to figure

30:40 out greatness it radiates off of my

30:44 shirt and into your homes just like you

30:53 are in mine and in order to keep me in

30:58 my home I need you to donate give us a

31:03 tip subscribe even he want us to be here

31:07 to help you you gotta pay to play

31:12 sometimes31:15but you don’t have to but I really wish

31:19 you would I really like this house I

31:21 like it a lot

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31:26 well leave us a voice message give us a

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32:10 someone in the community just like you

32:14 maybe I’ll leave an answer you’ll get

32:18 the best answer there’s only a

32:21 Thunderbird the third can help you live

32:25 a perfect life just like my life has

32:29 been all along here in my home on twitch

32:38 we air Tuesdays and Thursdays just like

32:44 a taco truck shows up to the workplace

32:48 whenever the hell it feels like it have

32:54 a good night I love you John Montgomery

32:56 Thunderbird the third to you goodnight33:03youEnglish (auto-generated)

-stephen moraga

nov. 2019