What’s The Play Trivia Ep 2





00:51 that’s right that’s right we went live

00:55 on Tuesday night where were you did you

00:58 miss us

00:58 I know you did and I know it’s late

01:00 again but do you remember a show called

01:03 Saturday Night Live

01:04 that’s right Saturday Night Live went

01:06 ladies and what did they do they only

01:09 got the biggest ratings on the planet

01:11 and we may come to you at 7 o’clock in

01:13 the morning on Tuesday we may come to

01:15 you at midnight on the next day but we

01:17 will definitely be here around Tuesday

01:20 no but I’m just kidding

01:21 we want to be here for you and let me

01:24 just tell you right now it’s a simulcast

01:26 live on Twitch which is definitely our

01:30 home and if you go to twitch.tv slash

01:32 what’s the play games you will know that

01:34 my name is Stephen Stephen with a pH

01:37 Steve moraga and I want you to know that

01:40 I’m here to welcome you back and if you

01:43 understand that we’re gonna go simulcast

01:45 live we’re not just going to twitch

01:47 which is our home we’re going to live

01:50 you youtubers out there who

01:52 unfortunately at this time you won’t be

01:53 able to play the game but you’ll be able

01:54 to see my beautiful face and you also be

01:57 able to play you won’t actually you

01:58 won’t be able to play on Facebook live

02:00 but you’ll be able to see my beautiful

02:02 face in the meantime so in that saying

02:04 that you got to go over to twitch in the

02:06 meantime because the technology is

02:07 almost there and you know what it’s

02:09 almost like work where I don’t know

02:14 psychics soothsayers whatever you want

02:16 to call it will bring you technology

02:18 that nobody else is doing if you can if

02:20 you can tell me that somebody that you

02:22 know is going live Simon okay

02:24 simultaneously oh that’s a tough word to

02:28 say simultaneously off all the platforms

02:30 whether it be twitch YouTube Facebook

02:33 live periscope doesn’t matter that’s us

02:36 and we’re going to take full credit for

02:38 that because you know why

02:40 I I don’t want to say if you believe in

02:42 God I I do I believe in a higher power

02:46 I believe in somebody somebody setting

02:50 the rules here somebody that touched us

02:52 touched us we are blessed by someone and

02:54 that someone has blessed us to bring you

02:57 to play in life and you know what the

02:59 play is02:59that’s right welcome to what’s the play

03:01 and if you go to what’s to play dot net

03:03 you will find out the D special the

03:07 special attractions you if you leave us

03:09 a voicemail and say you know what

03:11 Stephen with the pH I don’t like what

03:13 you’re saying I do not like what you’re

03:15 saying mr. Stephen with a pH so I’m

03:17 gonna leave a voicemail or and I know

03:19 voicemail was last time you left the

03:21 voicemail right you just text right but

03:22 go to our website and there’s a little

03:24 there’s a little button that possibly

03:26 and you leave a little voicemail and we

03:30 were able to interact with you that way’

03:32 even if it’s a bit and you can say hey

03:34 this is not this is a problem that like

03:36 I don’t want anybody else to know

03:38 we’ll help you but it’s also like it’s

03:40 an interactive community thing here

03:42 because we’re gonna about to unleash the

03:45 trivia the trivia what’s the play trivia

03:47 that’s right and the polls are in and

03:49 I’m I thought there’d be more honestly I

03:54 believed in you guys I really did I

03:56 believed in you

03:58 you unfortunately the polls we came out

04:03 and I know we can on a late night as

04:05 we’re doing tonight and it’s almost a

04:06 test it’s almost a test because we want

04:09 to make sure we want to make sure

04:10 everything is right and if you

04:12 understand going back to my first

04:13 thought is that to stream live on Twitch

04:17 on YouTube and on Facebook live

04:23 [Music]

04:24 that we want to make sure that you are

04:28 sorry the producers are tell me that

04:30 that and you what that’s what life is

04:31 all about you’re not gonna get that from

04:33 no produced thing I mean the thing might

04:37 fall down on me who knows and I think

04:39t hat’s the beauty of what light is light

04:42 is live live it’s live live at 1:00

04:48 live at 1:30 live at 5:00 doesn’t matter

04:51 what we’re about to do to you is we’re

04:53 streaming on all three of these

04:54 platforms and you don’t know how to do

04:59 it and we do and that’s why it’s so hard

05:01 and and I understand that it you don’t

05:03 know that and so what we’re trying to do

05:06 is we’re trying to give you the

05:07 opportunity to come to with us because I

05:10 you know I’m only here to tell you about

05:12 the beauty of what’s the play what’s the

05:15 play games is this what’s the play games

05:17 has brought to you the most interactive

05:19 the most interactive on the planet there

05:22 is no trivia game right now you can go

05:25 here I don’t know you want to say their

05:27 names there’s trivia games out there the

05:28 Triva games out here and they’re talking

05:30 about win of Christopher Columbus and he

05:32 did something or something he might have

05:33 found this one better I don’t know who

05:35 cares hey or maybe faked with donor or

05:37 somebody or other did something or maybe

05:40 the 1980s05:41I don’t know Bill Gates did something

05:43you made something called the Internet

05:44 or some who knows but it doesn’t matter

05:46 because they’re all doing things and

05:48 those those trivia games are all dealing

05:49 with things that have nothing to do with

05:51 your life right now and your life right

05:53 now is what I don’t know if my boyfriend

05:55 likes me I don’t know if my girlfriend

05:57 likes me

05:58 I don’t know if my friends like me or I

06:00 dunno I’m like I love my friends I love

06:02 how can I bring more action how can I be

06:05 more action-packed

06:06 action to these particular friends how

06:08 do we do that

06:09 how do we do that how do it looks and

06:11 necessary things that we need to do to

06:13 make everybody feel the community and

06:15 you know what

06:15 Wow well in my world you know I’m

06:18 thinking about all you guys I don’t know

06:20 I know I’m just kidding hi I want you to

06:23 know I’m very I’m very serious very0

6:27 serious sense I want you to know that we

06:29 are here to bring to you the the

06:33 situational advice cezzah but it’s not

06:36 advice because you need to come

06:38 communicate with us down here and you

06:41 need to go to what’s the plate net and

06:43 hit that little voice now if you think

06:45 that we’re not hitting the right buttons

06:47 the view things that we’re not hitting

06:48 the right subjects you just go to what’s

06:49 the plate net and what do you know right

06:51 now but if you’re not gonna go there

06:53 just do us a big favor so that we can

06:55 stream our beautiful we I mean this

06:57 isn’t just from me this isn’t just from

06:59 John Montgomery Thunderfoot the third no

07:01 hole no it isn’t there’s beautiful men

07:03 and women inside and out that are a part

07:07 of our team that bring you the answers

07:10 that we feel to your life’s questions

07:11 that’s right life hacks for your social

07:14 life and I want you to know that just

07:17 when you think that you don’t have any

07:18 of those answers you have us and so you

07:21 get maybe maybe you want to have your

07:22 boyfriend or go bring him over here

07:24 bring it over here boyfriend girlfriend

07:25 and you watch and you watch and see how

07:27 they act they react to some of the

07:30 situations that we have tell you right

07:31 now it might be a little just might be a

07:33 little disheartening but maybe maybe

07:36 it’s gonna bring you guys together maybe

07:37 you get a break maybe your enemy who

07:39 hates you at school

07:41 maybe watches this if you just if you

07:43 put up a little what’s the play sticker

07:44 bit of that enemies gonna see that and

07:47 maybe that enemy is gonna be like I’ve

07:49 been treating this person really stupid

07:50 maybe I should think different because

07:52 it’s not a you have to understand if you

07:56 don’t treat each other on the bottom

07:57 level we are well the bottom that we’re

07:59 not senators governors presidents kings

08:03 or queens we’re just people with a

08:05 camera and we’re just people on a

08:07 platform thank god twitch is here thank

08:10 God YouTube is here thank God Facebook

08:12 live is here because we’re just people

08:14 with a camera and we are here to help

08:16each and every one of you on the ground

08:18 level so that we can be strong and

08:21 that’s the worst thing that is the worst

08:23 thing that our leaders want us to be we

08:26 want to be strong don’t tear apart each

08:28 other we want to just maneuver through

08:30 life you know I just today I was

08:33 thinking about a John Montgomery

08:34 Thunderbirds the Third’s answer and one

08:36 of the questions I forget which one it

08:37 was but I I thought wow Here I am Here I

08:40 am and I watched it of course I watched

08:42 myself but of course the sharpest just

08:45 manner Oh trivia but I just watched

08:49 myself and I’m like man how can how can

08:51 it be how can it be that that Here I am

08:54 I know John Montgomery Thunder is 30 and

08:56 I was blown away just like the little

08:58 bit of polling that we got from it a

09:00 little bit that we got and we need you

09:02 to come back with more but the little

09:04 bit that we got we know John Montgomery

09:05 Thunderbirds a star a star where there’s

09:07 afro and he’s so real he is so real that0

9:12 he wants to bring you the the the play

09:15 in all situations and the play is this

09:17 the most efficient the most efficient

09:20 way to be bringing the best result

09:22 possible right so if it’s if it’s

09:23 dealing with a friend of a dealing with

09:25 a job if it’s dealing with your

09:27 significant other boy girl doesn’t

09:30 matter09:30all these polling questions come from

09:33 you and our team and that’s the only way

09:35 this thing works that’s the only way

09:37 this thing works so I plead with you I

09:40 put that plead I plead I plead I plead

09:44 with you I plead with you to please come

09:48 here and interact with us we don’t know

09:53 we don’t know what you’re we know what

09:56 your feeling is if you come and interact

09:59 because maybe just maybe you’ll take my

10:02 job in fact that’s what we want we want1

0:04 you to take my job we want you to host

10:07 this we want you to be the best we want

10:09 you to give the best

10:10 as possible and then in the Q&A; that’s

10:13 coming up that’s right if you’re first

10:14 joining us what this is what’s the plate

10:17 tribute is the first she want a globally

10:19 around the world right here behind this

10:22 carnival behind me and I love carnies

10:25 I’ll tell you that right now I am one

10:27 myself10:27but I want you to say wow well Stephen

10:30 thank you thank you for bringing10:32something to our attention that we’ve

10:34 needed for so long because I’m gonna

10:36 tell you right now you watch anybody out

10:37 there doesn’t matter if you watch your

10:39 favorite YouTube star

10:40 did you watch your favorite this star

10:41 doesn’t matter and you think that

10:43 they’re really talking to you all

10:44 they’re doing is just dumping the

10:45 problems on you I don’t I get dumped my

10:47 problems are no problems because you

10:49 like because I’m thinking about you

10:50 first and then I think about me and

10:53 that’s what we all need to do and that’s

10:55 what what’s the play is what’s the play

10:57 in any situation whether it be good bad

10:59 different doesn’t matter you come to us

11:01 right now you be the person that you can

11:04 be we will support you we will support

11:06 you you do not need to have anybody else

11:09 we are your wingman

11:10 we are your wingmen in life I guess

11:13 there’s a couple of wing ladies around

11:15 here so but we are on the man so I will

11:19 say I am your wingman now and John

11:21 Montgomery Thunderbirds the third the

11:23 greatest quiz show host that the world’s

11:24 ever seen11:25I would put them up against any quiz

11:27 show host it’s ever been no man put them

11:29 up right now I want you to know straight

11:31 up I’m getting so excited about this and

11:34 I did come dressed for this again and

11:36 maybe that’s what I that’s absolute

11:38 thing I care about I’m dressed the right

11:40 way to bring to you the most

11:42 action-packed who cares kind of advices

11:47 doesn’t matter what’s the play what’s

11:49 the play is everything in your life

11:51 whether we are the life hack to your

11:53 social life however we want you to do

11:56 this right now we want you to right now

11:58 if you’re on twitch because twitch.tv

12:00 slash what’s play games is the ultimate

12:02 what’s the play site and you can help us

12:04 by subscribing that by mash on the

12:06 button buy a shirt that’d be fantastic

12:11 if you did

12:12rock that make sure that everybody

12:15 out there goes I know the bluffs because

12:16 sooner or later

12:18 did you watch so you know there you’ll

12:19 be wearing that shirt never to be like

12:20 goddamn my mother excuse my1

2:22 language

12:23 god dammit me that person knows what

12:26 they’re doing that person knows what

12:27 they’re doing in life I better watch up

12:30 alright they got that little secret they

12:32 got that little secret of life and so we

12:35 wanted to make sure that you of all

12:37 people you in particular whether you be

12:39 a man or woman 17 to 34 only you’re a

12:43 little younger

12:43 you’re a little older okay you guys keep

12:47 coming we wanted we don’t want to

12:49 disenfranchise anybody else but we want

12:52 to make sure that everybody if you guys

12:54 can learn a little bit fine but this is

12:55 only geared to you if you’re 17 to 34

12:57 men or women it doesn’t matter we’re

13:00 here for you ladies and gentlemen once

13:02 again I want you to put your hands

13:04 together get that popcorn ready grab

13:06 your girl grab your enemies

13:08grab your enemies because soon later

13:10 they won’t be your enemies if they know

13:11 about what’s the play so grab them a

13:14 grab them all let’s let’s find out who

13:16 everybody’s doing it’s gonna be happen

13:17 every Tuesday Thursday night now that

13:19 we’ve getting this thing started we want

13:21 we need you we’re done it please please

13:24 please cuz look it we are humble people

13:26 and this thing only works without with

13:30 you and and without you and it means13:32nothing it absolutely means nothing so

13:34 come on everybody help us out help you

13:37 out I promise you I promise you I will I

13:41 will give you a phone call

13:42 okay maybe don’t want that but I will I

13:45 promise you if you just give us a little

13:46 chance if you just tell a little couple

13:49 people hey this thing’s kind of weird

13:50 that’s kind of weird how are they how do

13:52 they know what’s going on my brain

13:53 remember go to what’s the plate net get

13:56 on that voicemail subscribe subscribe

13:59 subscribe subscribe on twitch.tv slash

14:01 sports play games and if you want to do

14:03 some other things I mean there’s a put

14:04 throw things that you can do on there

14:06 and not only that we thank you twitch

14:08 and you know who we think to most of all

14:10 streamers streamers Thank You streamers

14:13 because without you twitch won’t even be

14:15 a platform right that’s what I’m saying

14:17 I mean Thank You streamers14:20you guys are showing the way you guys

14:21 show the way how to do things how to how

14:24 to talk in front of a camera even I mean

14:26 if it wasn’t for ninja and all these

14:27 other streamers I mean what would we

14:29 know what to do right so I thank you and

14:32 instead of the video game that you guys

14:34 are playing now we’re playing the video

14:35game of life and that is that’s exactly

14:38 lower joy and we’re trying to help you

14:40 get to that next level get through that

14:43 next scene get through that x cave it

14:45 doesn’t matter zoom and be the best

14:48 person possible so thank you ladies and

14:50 gentlemen everybody else just know that

14:53 we are here for you what’s the play

14:55 dot net and subscribe to that match

14:57 button special on the subscribe button

14:59 masher the subscribe button and ladies

15:01 it’s live and ladies and gentlemen

15:03 welcome to what’s the play




15:59welcome good evening welcome to my home

16:04 what’s the play trivia show and I am

16:08 John Montgomery Thunderbird the third

16:10 and what’s important to me is the play

16:14 is the most important thing in my life

16:16 and it should be in yours too

16:19 what’s the play trivia show is the first

16:22 of its kind ever to exist ever don’t you

16:27 ever try to tell me different because I

16:30 know I know it’s true try to find

16:35 another trivia show that will show you

16:39 how to live your life in a better way

16:44 I’m besides giving you money I mean they

16:46 probably didn’t teach you how to spend

16:48 that money or how to save it how do you

16:49 invest it they probably just blew all

16:51 that money they want on all those game

16:53 shows think any smarter probably got a

16:57 little bit stupider and that’s not what

17:00 you do here here at was to play my house

17:03 this wonderful place this purple awesome

17:06 house of mine this little box it’s where

17:10 I stay all day and I think of the place

17:12 for you that’s what I do I spin the

17:18 mouse wheel of my brain it was designed

17:22 to find the play for you so that’s what

17:27 I do in my box it’s the best place in

17:32 the world best place I’ve ever found

17:36 how do you play you ask instead of being

17:42 incredibly complicated like finding out

17:45 the play for you it’s very simple you

17:48 type a B or C in a stream chat before

17:54 the time runs out you can do that right

17:57I know you can all you have to do is

18:05 think together and will come out winning

18:11 let’s start the game again to reiterate

18:18type in that stream chat a B or C press

18:23 ENTER question number one what do I do

18:31 if someone spills a drink on me in a bar

18:34 brush it off like it was an accident

18:38 it’s a little easy to do what if I’m

18:42 angry what if I’m sad what if I have to

18:46 change my shirt a little later you could

18:50 actually accidentally spill on them very

18:56 sneaky I like it

18:59 make a scene confront him throw some

19:02 chairs get a stool jump off of it land

19:06 on them with this Russian suplex time

19:13 pull their hair back give them a little

19:17 chokehold prove that you’re a man and

19:22 you came here to play and the play is

19:25 you come by later in accident we spill

19:27 on them what were you thinking of course

19:32 you were thinking that question number

19:34 two how do I break it off with my

19:38 girlfriend of six months that’s gonna be

19:42 a bit tough probably got a little bit

19:44 used to her didn’t you1

9:47 well you could just leave your phone

19:49 unlocked so she can see the savagery of

19:52 your life and it’s amazing glory from

19:57 the horse’s mouth your phone videos

20:01 pictures all the great things that

20:05 you’ve had you could just tell her you

20:08 cheated on her without all the details

20:10 if you like her or you could be direct

20:14 and say that it’s not working out

20:18 honesty has always been the best policy

20:20 unless you chop down a tree in front of

20:22 your house done I guess you know one

20:30 else I know likes cherries enough to

20:33 chop down a tree in front of their house

20:38 Deanie leave your phone unlocked for the

20:41 savagery be direct honesty is the best

20:44 policy question number three how do you

20:51 avoid getting called into work first of

20:53 all why are you such a good employee to

20:56 get called into work learn to do the

21:00 bare minimum and keep your job maybe get

21:04 a raise every now and then but never get

21:07 called in or you could just tell them

21:10 you’re out of town you could always come

21:12 back into town but say you’re sick and

21:16 out of town and tell me you’ve already

21:20 been drinking to tell them all three no

21:24 you have to choose one because that’s

21:27 how this game works you’re not me I get

21:30 to do whatever I want but you have to

21:32 choose one the best one out of those

21:38 three tell me you’ve already been

21:41 drinking

21:45 tell him you’ve already been drinking

21:48 tell him you’ve already been drinking

21:51 there we go game respond to me and

21:53 listen you listen to me top players

21:59 where all my friends where are my people

22:03 I guess I’m the top player haha I win

22:11 you all lose we haven’t even finished

22:14 yet and I’m the winner

22:17 losers question number four your

22:25 girlfriend says you play video games too

22:27 much well my life is one get out of here

22:31 don’t tell me how to live my life kick

22:36 her to the curb no person should ever

22:40 come out anyone like that for playing

22:43 video games you could always tell her

22:46 stop her whining it’d be a lot of fun

22:49 argument you know invite her to join if

22:56 you want a nerd for your girlfriend I

22:59 don’t know if I’d want that she might

23:02 start reading and stuff and not want to

23:05 look at me all the time

23:09 well what do you guys think kick her to

23:14 the curb stop your whining invited to

23:15 join the last one kind of sounds a

23:22 little dirty stop your whining don’t you

23:27 ever tell me how to live my life if you

23:30 ever woman if you question number five

23:36 which Mega Man game had an impostor of

23:39 dr. wily do you remember were you there

23:45 did you ever do it did you fight your

23:50 way through

23:51 eight robot bosses is it eight I believe

23:58 it is make it through Wiley’s four other

24:02 levels in Mega Man 3 Mega Man 6 or Mega

24:04 Man X if you know anything you’ll know

24:11 that dr. wily it was only in two of

24:14 those games which to what do you guys

24:23 think done your time is up you don’t get

24:31 another chance to answer now it’s too

24:34 late24:35the plays Mega Man 3

24:39 didn’t you know that this one he was a

24:43 robot in his head springs up and down

24:45 when I was awesome question number 6

24:49 your boyfriend’s plan is to hang out

24:53 with his friends if I had a boyfriend do

24:58 you would never do that but I don’t like

25:00 men I like bacon sausages for the other

25:07 guys you could just tell him his friends

25:11 are garbage

25:12 or you could allow him to go but be mad

25:15 the whole time maybe write about it in

25:16 your diary because no one wants to hear

25:18 about it or you could earn his attention

25:22 see just because you got me just me and

25:24 you hacked doesn’t mean the works over

25:28 that’s right you can’t just keep her by

25:33 doing nothing time’s up amigos the

25:45 answer is earn his attention just kiss

25:51 you happy doesn’t mean the works over

25:53 that is the best answer isn’t it

25:57 the top player again is me I’m just that

26:03 amazing thank you thank you yes I love

26:15 you too

26:17 yeah it’s great being amazing question

26:22 number seven when a cop pulls you over

26:26 what’s the play do you see her yes sirs

26:30 no sirs be cooperative sounds a little

26:33lame boring let’s try to berate him

26:36 question his authority I show him who’s

26:40 boss of your car

26:41 it’s your travelling room not his

26:46 innocent or guilty run like hell I

26:52 always like to run especially with

26:55 reason with cops chasing me that’s a

26:58 great reason to run that’s how I work

27:01 out every morning

27:10 you could just make it easy on yourself

27:11 though I knew wants to run or have to

27:16 come up with insults and have a lot of

27:21 fun while you’re driving your car and

27:23 getting pulled over now

27:25 you say yes there’s a no sirs be

27:27 cooperative don’t be an idiot don’t be a

27:30 fool don’t be one of skeletor’s minions

27:35 that mess up question number eight if

27:41 you spent time to play online oh if you

27:47 bought pills either obtained online or

27:51 from someone you don’t know what is the

27:53 play what do you do if you spent the

27:57 time to buy it online know what you are

28:00 taking for Christ’s sake get a pill test

28:05 you have to get a pill test kit don’t

28:08 you know that know what you’re taking if

28:11 you’re gonna buy it online crazy person

28:13 who cares it’s my time and I’m gonna

28:16 have a good one who are you to tell me

28:19 what to do don’t take pills you already

28:22 know how to have fun time you’re just

28:27 that cool aren’t you you don’t need to

28:30 take pills just like John Montgomery

28:34 Thunderbird the third never taking a

28:38 pill in my life the answer is if you

28:42 spent time online to purchase it get the

28:47 kit just don’t do it

28:50 either next question when I start to

28:56 compare myself with my circle of friends

28:58 what’s the play believe the inferior

29:03 thoughts of my mind and believe they are

29:04 true

29:05 I will act accordingly and be very sad

29:10 it’s easy to be negative do what it

29:12 takes to be positive your brain can’t

29:14 tell the difference but it can help you

29:17 to decide what to do next

29:22 figure out who is best and emulate why

29:26 think for yourself be someone else

29:29 answer their questions for them what do

29:33 you need to worry about yourself for

29:34 time you’re done don’t think about it

29:41 anymore you can’t change your mind I’ve

29:45 already gotten your answers it’s easy to

29:50 be negative takes where it’s three

29:52 positive29:53your brain can’t tell the difference so

29:56 you have to tell it what to do top

29:59 player again oh it’s the who cares3

0:02 podcast hello I know you I know you I’ve

30:05 seen you there before what are you doing

30:09 today I guess I’m not the top player

30:12 anymore but at least you’re here

30:18 everybody else waiting to join probably

30:22 just can’t find us but it’s me the best

30:26 person in the world I know it’s true we

30:33 don’t have to have a test to figure that

30:35 out don’t have to have a test to figure

30:40 out greatness it radiates off of my

30:44 shirt and into your homes just like you

30:53 are in mine and in order to keep me in

30:58 my home I need you to donate give us a

31:03 tip subscribe even he want us to be here

31:07 to help you you gotta pay to play

31:12 sometimes31:15but you don’t have to but I really wish

31:19 you would I really like this house I

31:21 like it a lot

31:23 don’t forget to go to our website as

31:26 well leave us a voice message give us a

31:31 question or two maybe it will end up on

31:34 the show who knows it might be that good

31:37almost better than my place and we will

31:42 give you love too a little shout out or

31:45 two so we will let it be no don’t you

31:48 worry we won’t take your credit where

31:51 credit is due

31:52 and also check out our forum form dot

31:59 what’s the play net discuss our

32:03 questions get the real answers ask your

32:06 own questions maybe get some help from

32:10 someone in the community just like you

32:14 maybe I’ll leave an answer you’ll get

32:18 the best answer there’s only a

32:21 Thunderbird the third can help you live

32:25 a perfect life just like my life has

32:29 been all along here in my home on twitch

32:38 we air Tuesdays and Thursdays just like

32:44 a taco truck shows up to the workplace

32:48 whenever the hell it feels like it have

32:54 a good night I love you John Montgomery

32:56 Thunderbird the third to you goodnight33:03youEnglish (auto-generated)

-stephen moraga

nov. 2019

What’s The Play Trivia Episode 1 host JMT3


00:00:04.440 –> 00:00:12.540

Hey guys, how goes it ,it is me John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third. I’m here to host


00:00:13.040 –> 00:00:22.817

What’s The Play Trivia show, 9 questions 27 answers. What you going to do? Let’s find out basically how you play the game


00:00:22.899 –> 00:00:26.240

and see that little chat box right there.


00:00:27.600 –> 00:00:34.705

There’s going to be an A B and C next to the answers that come up you’re going to enter a b or c for the one that you


00:00:34.766 –> 00:00:39.200

want. And you press enter that simple while the timer still going though.


00:00:40.180 –> 00:00:54.482

That’s the key Point while the timer is still going for 45 seconds. You have to answer our questions.  Should be very very


00:00:54.602 –> 00:01:05.420

simple, but you know life’s hard.  I’m sorry these questions. So let’s get ready.  get set rrrooooolllll!


00:01:05.460 –> 00:01:14.472

and if you like our content  Hit on that subscribe button. We won’t bite. There’s a button. first question Castlevania


00:01:14.547 –> 00:01:19.240

Symphony of the Night the hero is named after which characters.


00:01:19.500 –> 00:01:21.900

name spelled backwards


00:01:22.960 –> 00:01:35.235

Simon going out. I know you I remember you from back in the day.  Are you the one that we could be talking about? I don’t


00:01:35.336 –> 00:01:47.713

know what Dracula.  You’re an evil evil, man.  been around for centuries  possibly is this guy or dr. Awkward?  I’ve never


00:01:47.815 –> 00:01:49.540

heard of him, but


00:01:49.940 –> 00:01:50.940

He sounds amazing.


00:01:52.720 –> 00:01:58.320

I wish I mean hopefully that’s the right answer but stop.


00:02:01.020 –> 00:02:17.312

timer 0,  time for guessing is over.  Play is Dracula spell that backwards value card.  If you played Symphony of the


00:02:17.450 –> 00:02:21.040

Night and know about this.


00:02:21.780 –> 00:02:23.980

You’ll know your plane is out of her to swing a sword.


00:02:24.900 –> 00:02:35.171

question number two  If you’re feeling depressed most of the time, what’s the play?  Sleep it off. It’ll go away. Have a


00:02:35.256 –> 00:02:45.442

nice dream.  something that  May or may not ever happened. You never know but dreams of dream motion creates emotion in


00:02:45.527 –> 00:02:55.884

the smile getting outside and seeing that sunshine and feeling the wind go through your hair. Nothing like it. You’re not


00:02:55.970 –> 00:03:05.300

going to feel that inside unless you have a bunch of fans, but one thing you won’t feel the sun on your neck.


00:03:05.300 –> 00:03:17.019

Talk about your problems with someone sounds like a great idea to me.  Done zero the timer’s up.  Drop your pencils fold


00:03:17.116 –> 00:03:28.933

your papers over don’t let me see. You still right on that test. I’m coming to get you the answers e-motion makes emotion


00:03:29.031 –> 00:03:40.554

and smile. You got to get outside and get that blood pumping. I’m telling you a question number three.  when you start


00:03:40.652 –> 00:03:52.469

lifting weights  Which is the best routine to start?  well  I like to go in heavy.  Real heavy.  When I go really light. 


00:03:52.567 –> 00:04:02.040

so light  and then I go combo light heavy light and heavy lifting heavy so I can complete 8 reps.


00:04:02.180 –> 00:04:15.652

e x 3 x  Don’t be scared. You can do it.  You do a combo heavy and tight should work. But I do all three personally.


00:04:15.768 –> 00:04:29.356

That’s what it’s Champion does the over exceed.  and stop  timer 0  You don’t want to cheat. Do you you don’t want to


00:04:29.472 –> 00:04:42.480

cheat me?  We would never let you anyways cuz we’re smarter than that.  What the answer is?  I  I am the answer.


00:04:42.560 –> 00:04:52.802

You like that double-meaning didn’t you top players? Who are you the who cares podcast?  I love you.  Apparently no one


00:04:52.888 –> 00:05:02.700

else wants to be here to play. Maybe they’ll come in later. Maybe we don’t need them cuz I’m having fun on my own.


00:05:03.040 –> 00:05:04.740

But I would love to have you guys here.


00:05:05.460 –> 00:05:15.586

the more the merrier  you make fun of me my awesome shirt question number four.  As a college student. What is the best


00:05:15.672 –> 00:05:18.140

way to eat cheap and healthy?


00:05:19.640 –> 00:05:24.440

And I remember buying chicks breasts and 10 pack with some frozen veggies.


00:05:25.460 –> 00:05:39.136

That probably saved my life along with cup of noodles cup of noodles cup of noodles.  Dave saves me from  setting rat


00:05:39.253 –> 00:05:45.800

traps in having the Harvest in the corners of my apartment


00:05:46.440 –> 00:05:52.440

And also pre-made salads that are even quick for they get soggy and real expensive aren’t they?


00:05:52.940 –> 00:06:06.825

They are real expensive aren’t they?  Well time’s up.  See what I care.  Do I care that you know how to buy food?  I don’t


00:06:06.939 –> 00:06:20.825

know. Yes, cuz it plays J.  I’m going to tell you the right answers. I’m going to tell you the truth. I would never ever


00:06:20.939 –> 00:06:30.500

lie to you.  question number 5  So you’re sending some heavy items on Ebay. Are you?


00:06:30.820 –> 00:06:32.120

What you got in that box?


00:06:32.460 –> 00:06:34.560

Kind of looks like the size of a person.


00:06:36.180 –> 00:06:43.880

Now I’m just kidding. I know you’re not like that is probably a mummy or a life-size wax figure.


00:06:45.020 –> 00:06:48.720

I know I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and everyone should have that.


00:06:49.160 –> 00:07:00.373

But doesn’t matter put your ad out who cares that the people deal with the shipping. What’s it? What’s the matter you  Use


00:07:00.464 –> 00:07:05.520

FedEx like they’re the answer.  You might be who knows?


00:07:06.660 –> 00:07:12.260

Or you just wait and make sure the post is reasonable, but you can stop right there, too.


00:07:12.880 –> 00:07:25.752

Time is up.  You know what? I really like things that are reasonable.  so  What was your answer?  Oh, oh, oh.  my goodness


00:07:25.858 –> 00:07:38.308

 Isn’t that feel good? Does that not feel good?  People that might be playing on YouTube.  We welcome here.  Still out


00:07:38.414 –> 00:07:50.970

here. It’s kosher. Don’t be shy.  type in that chat box with little work  Also, it’s question number 6.  if you’re into


00:07:51.075 –> 00:08:03.631

someone, but  they don’t even know that Who You Are.  Let’s just ignore them. They’ll find you for sure. They found you


00:08:03.737 –> 00:08:08.380

already before right? Let’s just keep quiet.


00:08:08.420 –> 00:08:25.282

Are you sitting next to girl?  planting your earbuds in  I’m sorry. Did you say something?  Wow.  Your hair looks great


00:08:25.424 –> 00:08:42.004

today.  such a beautiful woman  time is over time is done.  Q  yes, I thought that was the right answer.  You know if


00:08:42.145 –> 00:08:44.980

they’re rude to you.


00:08:45.060 –> 00:08:57.176

You didn’t need him. Anyway saved you some trouble.  Top players might God still the podcast the who cares podcast. 


00:08:57.281 –> 00:09:08.980

You’re such a great son of a gun. Let’s go out for drinks later. Yeah, clickity Clank.  Yeah type of boys do it.


00:09:10.060 –> 00:09:11.960

question number 7


00:09:13.680 –> 00:09:18.980

The perfect number. A person Slams on their horn behind you.


00:09:19.300 –> 00:09:29.856

What’s the play?  Well, if you’re like me you get out and bought.  Or would you like me to drive slow as fuck?  Or if you


00:09:29.944 –> 00:09:40.326

like me your break check him and hope they rear end you.  That mother better have insurance.  You’re going to make sure


00:09:40.413 –> 00:09:49.400

they do because that’s your duty as an American citizen to make sure that people are following the law.


00:09:49.480 –> 00:09:58.750

So you break check those people.  Just don’t kill anyone for God’s sake time.

Part 2


00:00:01.020 –> 00:00:02.420

sick time


00:00:04.100 –> 00:00:21.263

What do you guys think?  T in the middle of the stew drive slow as fuck. Fuck that guy.  He haunted you.  Wednesday


00:00:21.412 –> 00:00:31.860

morning  Now what question is coming up? Should I date my best friend?


00:00:33.900 –> 00:00:40.979

Well, I mean know if you haven’t had sex by now then obviously she ain’t interested. Or you aren’t interested in her something


00:00:41.038 –> 00:00:42.100

going on here, but


00:00:43.100 –> 00:00:50.460

You like being around each other. What can you say?  Yeah, I’m sure it might work out.


00:00:50.560 –> 00:01:02.978

right now  But it might work out and it might not you know.  But it might work out and yeah, you could also do it but you


00:01:03.081 –> 00:01:15.397

really value your friendship.  Do you really have to have more just cuz you can  if it’s going to ruin something great. 


00:01:15.499 –> 00:01:23.300

Why do it?  time  I bet you guys already know the answer your smart cookies.


00:01:23.400 –> 00:01:40.369

V  You two haven’t had sex by now. Someone ate interested sad story, but the way things go and question number 9 the final


00:01:40.508 –> 00:01:41.760



00:01:41.820 –> 00:01:42.620

Are you ready?


00:01:43.260 –> 00:01:46.660

What is the best drinking game at a party?


00:01:48.280 –> 00:01:50.180

At A party’s keyword.


00:01:51.160 –> 00:02:03.745

Why?  That’s the game’s break out the beer bong.  I’m ready to go to business time.  Workings cop that was always great.


00:02:03.850 –> 00:02:16.227

I’ll drink a right now fill it up. I don’t care. I’ll need cards to do this to pampered.  beer pong  I just wasn’t the


00:02:16.331 –> 00:02:28.917

best thing that I’m good.  I am amazing at that but I get drunk too slow. So I don’t play It screw that.  Kind of a game


00:02:29.022 –> 00:02:31.540

gets you drunk too slow.


00:02:33.280 –> 00:02:33.780



00:02:34.260 –> 00:02:47.760

I say  Why not?  At the game’s break out the freaking bierbaum. Let’s forget our names and Forget Where We Are Tonight


00:02:47.874 –> 00:02:55.540

forget who we are in the morning.  Make a sandwich with each other.


00:02:56.580 –> 00:03:01.180

top players that who cares podcast in the only one who cares


00:03:03.460 –> 00:03:07.360

Apparently but it looks like there are some people trying to play in.


00:03:08.400 –> 00:03:14.600

I don’t know.  That’s a


00:03:17.200 –> 00:03:19.500

We can also tell you the best person in the world is.


00:03:20.080 –> 00:03:21.080

Too bad. You’re not here.


00:03:22.000 –> 00:03:25.600

Nobody answered all the questions correctly all nine of them.


00:03:26.480 –> 00:03:32.680

Only the best of the best deserve to be the greatest person in the world, so they just ain’t there.


00:03:33.440 –> 00:03:45.575

To the line under my little belly right here.  So we love to thank you for playing.  Subscribe to a twitch Channel if you


00:03:45.675 –> 00:03:53.900

like us.  We’d like to be there for you.  And we can’t do it without your support.


00:03:53.980 –> 00:04:07.860

so  help me help you.  And subscribe on YouTube follow us twitch follow us on Twitter  Never miss a thing you subscribe to


00:04:07.974 –> 00:04:14.460

all of them are following guaranteed to not miss a thing.


00:04:14.800 –> 00:04:17.100

And also go to our website leave a voice message.


00:04:17.660 –> 00:04:26.449

Tell us how we’re doing tell us if we sucked tell us if we’re great.  Tell me if you hate me do you like my hair? Cuz I


00:04:26.523 –> 00:04:35.460

think it’s amazing. Most people think it’s dashing.  But you know, if you’re one of those ones that just doesn’t like it.


00:04:35.500 –> 00:04:45.520

I probably don’t care, but I’d like to hear it.  make fun of me all you want but also


00:04:45.600 –> 00:04:56.766

Custom content you don’t like our questions and answers create your own send them to us.  Maybe we’ll use them.  but I 


00:04:56.860 –> 00:05:08.120

Yeah, leave it in a voice message on our website on the bottom right-hand corner. There’s a little button you’ll see it.


00:05:08.214 –> 00:05:17.880

It’ll it’ll pop up a message at you. Just believe  Join our super secret fan club on our website as well.


00:05:18.160 –> 00:05:22.960

Super secret stuff and possibly join Rafa’s raffle.


00:05:23.780 –> 00:05:34.360

If there is such a thing, but you never know unless you join. Take care. See you on Thursday the first episode of what’s


00:05:34.448 –> 00:05:40.180

the play has happened. I love you guys. Take care and good night.

-transcript recap by stephen moraga

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What’s The Play Trivia Ep 1-Pre Show with Stephen Moraga

00:00:48.020 –> 00:00:56.135
Ladies gentlemen children of all ages no just 17-34 because that’s who we are talking to today. Welcome to the first ever

00:00:56.202 –> 00:01:03.916
season of What’s The Play Trivia by What’s The Play Games here on Twitch.tv/whatstheplaygames. You are cordially

00:01:03.983 –> 00:01:04.520

00:01:05.440 –> 00:01:13.065
With myself your host your pre show host me your pre show host Stephen Stephen Moraga, Stephen with a pH and you are in for

00:01:13.127 –> 00:01:14.440
a treat today people.

00:01:15.120 –> 00:01:21.530
It’s going to be the greatest show that you’ve ever seen because why is it the greatest show? Because we have you the viewer our

00:01:21.584 –> 00:01:22.920
audience and our friends

00:01:23.240 –> 00:01:31.351
In mind when we created, What’s The Play What’s The Play trivia? That’s right. What’s The Play trivia is the first-ever

00:01:31.419 –> 00:01:39.666
Did I say that? first ever interactive on any Global stage first-ever interactive trivia games that deals with you and it’s

00:01:39.733 –> 00:01:47.440
the questions and answers that have to deal with your real life issues. Your real life triumphs real life real life.

00:01:48.980 –> 00:01:53.880
The greatest game the hardest challenges challenging and the most rewarding all at the same time. That’s right.

00:01:54.720 –> 00:01:58.820
Welcome and I’m here Stephen, Stephen with a ph the most stylish host on the planet.

00:01:59.160 –> 00:02:05.960
As you now know who I am and I know who you are. If you just go over to chat you can play this game because coming up.

00:02:06.160 –> 00:02:11.160
Right after me is the handsome John Montgomery, Thunderbird the Third and he will be taking you

00:02:11.900 –> 00:02:18.572
Thru an Odyssey of questions and answers and he loves it. He loves being your host and you’ll see him in just a few moments, but

00:02:18.627 –> 00:02:25.354
I want to let everybody out there know what’s the play why is why are we here, well, we want to give you” the play” the play the play

00:02:25.409 –> 00:02:31.971
meaning, you know, just meaning how to make that right move, how to maneuver through life and having that play. You know,

00:02:32.026 –> 00:02:38.588
you’re talking to your your boss. If you go through a job interview, if you’re going with your friends and you

00:02:38.643 –> 00:02:45.260
need some help maybe one is not treating you too good maybe ones been the best friend ever and you know, who’s the best friend.

00:02:45.280 –> 00:02:51.995
But you have now us we are your best friend we are your wingman. So, come on board. This it going to be in this hmmm

00:02:52.053 –> 00:02:58.080
week? Fantastic? I can’t I can’t I can’t express to you how much it means to me that we are finally here.

00:02:58.540 –> 00:03:01.440
After years years of hard work Blood Sweat and Tears.

00:03:02.120 –> 00:03:06.120
Finally for you. I want to let you know this is a very personal.

00:03:06.880 –> 00:03:08.680
Personal feeling that I get right now.

00:03:09.340 –> 00:03:09.840
I think about

00:03:10.500 –> 00:03:11.900
how strong our team has been

00:03:12.240 –> 00:03:19.747
And how strong everybody has been to bring you the live-action first-ever interactive trivia show called What’s the play

00:03:19.809 –> 00:03:23.440
here on Twitch. TV? / what’s play games? And also I believe

00:03:24.500 –> 00:03:28.000
I believe we’re streaming on YouTube until everybody out there on YouTube.

00:03:28.540 –> 00:03:30.040
fans on the on YouTube

00:03:31.940 –> 00:03:33.040

00:03:34.160 –> 00:03:35.560
It’s a global audience.

00:03:36.160 –> 00:03:37.160
And we couldn’t be any happier.

00:03:39.020 –> 00:03:42.520
What is the play the play is pretty much the most efficient action?

00:03:43.140 –> 00:03:48.640
That gets you the best result. So just maybe when you have that good feeling you said the right thing.

00:03:49.060 –> 00:03:50.860
I got that girl’s number where you got

00:03:51.440 –> 00:03:52.040
that guys’…. that guys somethin’. The play gives you

00:03:54.040 –> 00:03:59.340
And your social life the play gives you quick response.

00:04:00.420 –> 00:04:07.220
Maybe more importantly the most unexpected situations, you know, you never know how curveballs life’s going to throw at you.

00:04:07.840 –> 00:04:14.831
That’s right. Like right now for instance the curveball of me being right here on your screen on your monitor on your smartphone.

00:04:14.888 –> 00:04:20.840
That’s right. How did I get here? I have no idea, but I’m here and what’s the play is in a few moments?

00:04:21.300 –> 00:04:22.900
What’s the play the first Interactive?

00:04:23.940 –> 00:04:28.140
Situational trivia show will be here at your fingertips.

00:04:28.420 –> 00:04:30.420
Why don’t you get your friends, bring them on over?

00:04:31.060 –> 00:04:32.560
pop.that Popcorn

00:04:33.680 –> 00:04:35.980
Cuz you and your boyfriend, maybe you and your girlfriend.

00:04:37.780 –> 00:04:41.680
That’s how you can actually get to know a lot about each other.

00:04:42.200 –> 00:04:46.200
This is going to be an event every Tuesday and Thursday.

00:04:47.680 –> 00:04:53.080
We decided to come a little after midnight on my guess will be Wednesday morning, but who knows where else?

00:04:54.000 –> 00:04:56.300
What time is it in Finland? We know in Finland.

00:04:56.520 –> 00:04:57.020
He’s watching.

00:04:58.180 –> 00:05:04.032
I’m talking to you Kalli cuz you are it wouldn’t wouldn’t do that maybe 5 in the morning or something. I don’t know to all our

00:05:04.081 –> 00:05:07.180
friends and finland and all our friends all over the world North Korea.

00:05:07.760 –> 00:05:10.660
Australia our friends in

00:05:11.320 –> 00:05:18.400
Tibet, I mean did you know that they have that I’ve heard that there could be one of our biggest supporters. You never

00:05:18.460 –> 00:05:20.020
know who has that Wi-Fi so

00:05:20.880 –> 00:05:22.080
I want to let her know you are here.

00:05:22.660 –> 00:05:28.360
In the company of your friends the community like we are building. We are your friends. We are your wingman now in life.

00:05:28.680 –> 00:05:29.580
It doesn’t matter.

00:05:30.140 –> 00:05:34.740
it doesn’t matter anymore what situations present themselves because you have us and so

00:05:35.340 –> 00:05:42.992
I’m just feeling so good today. And I think that this has never been done before because there is trivia shows of course there is

00:05:43.058 –> 00:05:44.840
trivia, whatever who cares.

00:05:45.520 –> 00:05:53.326
This trivia show deals with you and the things that we all go through and it is for men and women 17-34, but if

00:05:53.390 –> 00:05:55.520
you’re a little older, all right.

00:05:55.940 –> 00:06:03.440
Okay, a lil younger. Okay, but this is mainly directed to our audience of people 17 -34 men and women

00:06:03.740 –> 00:06:11.140
Cuz we all need we need that guidance. We need that but we need to have fun. We got to have fun we have to have to be able to like

00:06:13.160 –> 00:06:18.860
Be a person that knows what they’re doing in life that they have the play What’s the play? That’s right.

00:06:22.340 –> 00:06:28.743
dressing fantastic and Sharp Dressed Man that I am and maybe you are a sharp dressed lady or Sharp Dressed Man, too. I think you

00:06:28.797 –> 00:06:29.340
want to be

00:06:31.320 –> 00:06:32.720
He’s not that you would never say that

00:06:32.720 –> 00:06:33.420

00:06:33.420 –> 00:06:40.211
he cant be you would never say that so listen. This trivia show is trademarked patented don’t get any bright ideas by and try to

00:06:40.268 –> 00:06:47.060
do it yourself because we don’t want that. We want you to be with us because we work hard we have the questions answers.

00:06:47.160 –> 00:06:52.380
Ready to fulfill your life in and do the more you interact the more you get out of this win prizes and I don’t know. I

00:06:52.425 –> 00:06:57.333
don’t know. Maybe maybe if you’re that good may be down but somewhere down the line this season is going to be

00:06:57.378 –> 00:07:01.260
action-packed. It’s going to have everything you want and tonight is a very first night.

00:07:01.800 –> 00:07:10.100
Tonight is that night and so I’m I am so excited to bring this to you. My team is so excited to bring this to you.

00:07:10.420 –> 00:07:18.104
Especially this gentleman coming up Mr. John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third will be coming up right now. And I think I think it

00:07:18.167 –> 00:07:23.820
just might be about time, but I want to let everyone know how excited I was just today I was

00:07:24.280 –> 00:07:31.494
I’m so excited that we’re going to have this we’re going to bring to the masses this trivia game show and I was so

00:07:31.557 –> 00:07:39.088
excited. I saw this older lady and she had this big carton of water bottles and she’s struggling and I saw that her car

00:07:39.151 –> 00:07:46.746
was right outside their you know, she was struggling and I went over there and I went over there trying to help her because that’s the play

00:07:46.809 –> 00:07:50.480
she’s struggling with them. I just held the door open for

00:07:51.860 –> 00:08:03.929
That’s the way right there with her waterbottles and talk to some homeless people they gave me advice so they gave me the play

00:08:04.028 –> 00:08:15.900
they gave me what not to do. But I gave them a little bit of that gave him the fact that we’re going to be here

00:08:15.999 –> 00:08:19.660
tonight and if they want to watch us.

00:08:20.060 –> 00:08:23.560
They will maybe come out of homelessness and be unhomeless.

00:08:24.120 –> 00:08:30.163
That’s what what’s the play does for you? That’s what we do for everybody. And that’s what you are doing. You’re giving

00:08:30.213 –> 00:08:31.120
us your opinion to

00:08:31.820 –> 00:08:40.130
Sharing Sharing sharing all kinds of stuff. Sometimes maybe a little too much maybe too much make it back off a little

00:08:40.199 –> 00:08:48.509
bit, but maybe sometimes it’s just right. So I want to let everybody know you are in for a treat. What’s the play games

00:08:48.578 –> 00:08:56.682
is finally here. What’s the play trivia? It’s here and without further ado. Friends grab your enemies because they

00:08:56.751 –> 00:08:58.400
wont be enemies anymore.

00:08:58.400 –> 00:09:01.100
Not with what’s the play as your wingman, so come on.

00:09:01.720 –> 00:09:04.920
Let’s go do it ladies and gentlemen welcome.

00:09:05.600 –> 00:09:06.900
to What’s the play?

– Stephen Moraga

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The What’s The Play Trivia Show Launches on Twitch.tv

That’s right. The WhatsThePlay Trivia Show has officially aired it’s first episode ever and it’s the FIRST INTERACTIVE Live Stream on Twitch. It really is the first of its kind to be aired anywhere since the dawn of time. Whoa

Let that sink in.

I know that everything that’s ever gonna be said has been said, every song, every whatever. This is the first time that a trivia show or any game show takes the daily happenings of their users and has created content designed to challenge and entertain their audience/contestants. They ask Multiple Choice Questions like “A Person Slams on their horn Behind you, WhatsThePlay?” The viewer/contestant then has 45 seconds to answer A, B or C by typing into the stream chat box and presses enter to solidify their choice. You cannot change your mind after you make your choice. Though I hear in the future they may add the ability to retract your choice once per game for subs…. pretty cool.

The Trivia Show airs live every Monday thru Thursday like your local Taco Truck would, definately sometime on Tuesday or Thursday, but we don’t know exactly when. This will change in the future to a set time as they find out from their fan-base what time is best for most of them. There are many interesting features and differences from other trivia games and some of the other live game shows out there already.

  • Airs Live on Twitch.tv, youtube, facebook, mixer, etc. every monday to thursday as opposed to an app.
  • Their website https://www.whatstheplay.net allows their visitors to record voice messages to give feedback, submit custom Trivia Show Questions and Answers.
  • Sub Rewards for their subscribers.
    • An Example Straight from their Twitch channel: “Choose 1 Free T-Shirt from Our Merch Store”
  • Game is Completely free to play

New Episodes Air Every Monday thru Thursday! Regardless of what they or anyone else may say. They plan to implement a revolving host production style. There is also a Pre-Show to allow players to connect and chat with the “Pre-Host” The first episode Features Stephen “With a ‘P-H’ as “Pre-Host” to inform the viewers and train them to become players on the trivia show. Just like the Trivia Show will train them to become better at the worlds most difficult and ever-changing game called life. Twitch already has a massive Audience of over 30,000,000 users daily. It’s Audience are mostly gamers boys and girls, men and women, probably some aliens and all of the above. They are used to spending money and if they find someone they like, has a great personality and engages with the stream chat for their channel, as well as play their favorite games, then Twitchers will most likely support the streamer who fits into their criteria for acceptable spending. A very different business model than most of the apps released in the apple and google play store. Not to mention that the trivia show live streams on a few other platforms as well… Simultaneously! At the moment though, the game is not playable on any other platform than twitch. I have been informed that in the very near future, the show will be playable on youtube and facebook which is very exciting and also a first any live streamed interactive trivia show. Join the SUPER SECRET FAN CLUB IMMEDIATELY to know when this super-awesome tech is implemented and released for your viewing/interacting pleasuretainment.

That’s Right! You can leave a voice message for the WhatsThePlayGames team right from their website! How it works is when you go to their website, look at the bottom right hand corner and you will see a message button and click on that. It will ask you which mic source to use and which speaker source to use. After those are selected, The user is prompted to record their message. I believe they can be of any length and when you are done, you click finish. It will then ask you to enter your real name and email or else it will not send your message to its intended recipients. The team will receive your message via email and can choose to download or listen. If you choose to send a message to be a shout out, then the team can download it and use it during the trivia shows live streams. Shout outs are saved and possibly used during the season when they sent the message to the WTPG Team. Custom content is treated the same way, they may have your voice message asking the question in game live instead of just writing it out.. Who knows? when they do they will surely let all of us know via their SUPER SECRET FAN CLUB! Members of the WTPG: SSFC will receive in store discounts on WTPG Gear, Gain access to tons of SSFC Members Only content, gear, give-aways. Becoming a subscriber automatically enters them into the SSFC and will give them access to TBD Exclusive Subscriber only benefits and MORE! Dont Miss out and sign up ASAP so you will always be informed, ahead of the curve and on your way to becoming a Professional Game of Life Specialist! https://whatstheplay.net Sign up at the top of the page to Ensure your success.

Right again! damn you’re getting good at this! Subscribers even get custom bonuses from the Whats The Play Games Team from the get-go! not only do subscribers unlock the Default Twitch benefits, but they will obtain the following benefits/prizes in a Tier based subscription model as seen on the WhatsThePlayGames Twitch channel:

Tier 1

$5 Subscription

  • Record a voice message on our website to suggest new Questions for our Up coming Quiz Show “WhatsThePlay?”
  • One Tier 1 Custom Emote from our Channel! Featuring John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third
  • Enjoy Anything Played on our Channel Ad Free!

Tier 2

$15 Subscription

  • Tier 1 Package included
  • Choose 1 Free T-Shirt from Our Merch Store
  • Access to our second Custom Emote Featuring Stephen with a “P-H” Moraga!

Tier 3

$25 Subscription

  • Tier 1 Package included
  • Tier 2 Package included
  • Get a chance to be one of the five subscribers randomly chosen to be featured on one of our exclusive game shows (in the very near future) that have not premiered yet!
  • Gain Access to our 3rd and last Custom Emote Featuring Ant Jackson!

The last Thing to be said about The Whatstheplay Trivia Show, is that it is completely free to play, interact with and the creators will actually respond to you, not a bot or an intern. For the time being of course. There are plenty of ways you can help support The WTPG Team either by each of the following ways:

Thanks again you guys and I’ll see you on the otherside!

-JMT3 (John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third)

What’s The Play Theme Song Lyrics

Should I say yes,

or should I say no

let her stay or tell her to go

punch dude in the face

or be the bigger man

apologize to the boss

or tell him to pound sand

she wants the relationship to move faster

same time you trying to prevent a social disaster

one more drink or just go home?

It’s a wrap if you ever catch her go through your phone

solemnly swear or carry out the lie

beat around the bush

or look em dead in the eye

theres bout a million things that you can say.

So when you need a second opinion,


What’s The Play State of the Union

The State of the Union Begins

In days of yore, when animals wallowed in the forest and fairy dust was so plentiful, you could buy it by the pound. When things like honor and truth had value. Before who ever could fabricate the best shallow life with tales of happiness, hippy quotes and pictures of their children. Besides giving us all a bucket and hold our hair back, so we can vomit all of our personal lives without making too much a mess, social media is changing the masses to be less social and to treat each other like garbage. This is what happens when we have the least social person in the history of the planet create a social media platform. Its his payback to the world for making fun of him his entire childhood. The masses gave him this power and continue to even as things get worse because of it. Well we should all try to utilize this platform to benefit each other. Instead of fight one another. Yes, not everyone will agree and some of us should disagree. Just because someone doesnt agree, doesnt mean they are wrong or stupid. Regarding social media. Its just a different opinion. Not a personal attack. Thats what i see as the problem and its incredibly frustrating. With the media popularizing us against them protests to try and sway the popular opinion to one that is not offensive. Being offended is not a problem. The fact that most people do not know how to deal with being offended is a problem. Its bullshit and i agree with u completely carrie. I think a shift in the way people interact and help one another needs to occur. I believe slowly but surely things around us have begun to get worse and its a collective effort. By all of us whether we like it or not. Due to this bullshit about never offending anyone, we are becoming more and more fearful to speak out against anything that we believe is wrong. Afraid to step in when someone is being abused. Thinking somebody else will handle it. I dont need to do anything about this. No. Nobody else will handle it, most likely even notice what you see. You need to be the one to stop abusive behavior. We need to start holding ourselves and others we spend time with to a higher standard. By not having higher standards just means more and more will be accepted and sooner or later the world may adopt a belief that is completely untrue, never pushing anyone to grow or go outside their comfort zone. The world st that point will become very small and limited to each and every individual. Everyone will just be expected to do that status quo and thats it. Followers fine with being told how to spend their time, what they should be doing, when they can eat, how they need to act, etc. If we were to begin to hold the people that we know, love, and care about to a higher standard instead of accepting excuses designed to justify their own self defeating prophecies; we are going to need to make some changes to what we value in our lives and relationships. here are some changes that I think we need to start making in order to succeed in saving ourselves from a terrible future.

1. Tell each other the truth. Even when its hard and really scary.

2. We need to be willing to be open to the fact that with everything we do or say, there is always a chance that we could be wrong or capable of making a mistake. Being human, there is always a possibility for a mistake to be made. And to get all offended and brat like if called out, is just silly and childish.

3. Accept responsibility for your actions. Own your actions whether you are proud of then or not. Start to become aware of what kinds of decisions you make and how those decisions effect the people around you. Being honest with yourself will help you learn how to handle mistakes you make and how to get along with other personalities.

4. apologize if you realize you were wrong or make a mistake. You will start to have respect for others and yourself. An interesting thing may happen to you as it has to me. Some people will respect you for your ability to humble yourself and be honest. If anyone knows i know how to make a mistake and really screw things up, its my friends and family. Social media is really what we make it. What is shown to you on your feed is there because of your interactions on social media. They are spying in you and preying on you using your interests, likes, dislikes, fears, dreams etc. they are also selling your information to marketing companies to telemarketing firms to but the shit out if you and destroy any piece of mind you might be enjoying because that company that is disturbing your right to privacy, doesnt care that you just got home from work and are trying eat with your family. They are out to make a buck or two. And if will never be enough, above all other addictions, thats one that is truly destroying lives is our addiction to money, bringing with it vanity, gluttony, selfishness and a sense of betterment for no reason whatsoever, besides that they bring home a shit ton of bacon once or twice a month. That doesnt make them better than anybody. The people that are out there doing things for free with nothing to show for it are the ones who deserve applause. Remember mother teresa? Well there most likely will never be another one the way things are heading. Lets pull our heads out of our asses and make things better for the future people. Lets make the world a place we do want to bring offspring into. At this point in time, i have no interest in reproducing if my kid has to be born into this society. Id rather spare them the pain and bullshit than subject them to our bullshit.

John Montgomery Thunderbird the Third

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